Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Glass Crack: Painfully Palin Part II

(originally posted 10/08 at wordpress)

by Gwen Davis

Though I had planned to change the topic of conversation away from last week’s post about Sarah Palin, the vice presidential debate brought my negative feelings toward the governor and my blood pressure to a new level. At the WRC volunteer orientation we talked about stereotypes associated with the world feminist. One stereotype I especially do nothing to counteract is angry.

My name is Gwen Davis, and I am very angry! I am angry because she is the second, though much more in the spotlight, woman to be on an executive ticket. I am afraid that the rest of the world may assume American women think and behave like her. I am disappointed in Barack Obama for not putting Hillary Clinton on the ticket even though he probably (hopefully) had good reason not to. I am flabbergasted that more people do not think she is totally unqualified and merely serving a certain demographic of the Republican Party.

Because I am trying to work on my anger I will only make one observation about the debate. “The governor” as Joe Biden kept referring to her — careful never to call her Sarah — was answering a foreign policy question in her usual unusual way when one particular comment stuck out like a hypocritical thumb. Her response went something like this: People hate us for our freedoms and respect for women’s rights. I suppose that is why she wants to overturn Roe v. Wade — out of respect for women’s rights.

After finishing rhythmic breathing, I realized I am fixated on the bad. I need to reorganize my thoughts and channel my efforts in a more positive way. Luckily I have a week to figure out how not to be angry before I write my next post.

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