Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Book Review: Dance Lest We All Fall Down by Dr. Margaret Willson

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review by kristyn stolze

Hey shesheet readers… I just finished a fascinating book a couple of weeks ago by an anthropologist living in Seattle, and I think you might enjoy knowing about it. You can order it through In Other Words and I highly recommend it.

The book, titled Dance Lest We All Fall Down, is by anthropologist Dr. Margaret Willson. It describes her experience living in Salvador, Brazil and developing the non-profit called Bahia Street alongside an incredible woman and friend of hers from Bahia named Rita Conceicao. These two women put their intelligent and creative minds together and came up with a way to make change available to young girls trapped in poverty in Salvador. After lots of conversation and research within the communities of Salvador, these women created a non-profit that provides young girls with an opportunity to get education otherwise unavailable to them. With often painful insight to the realities of these young girls’ lives, the book lets us see into some of the struggle involved in getting a non-profit started in a way that keeps the focus on the people it intends to serve.

I think we can especially benefit from the perspective it offers on how foreigner’s best intentions to help can sometimes do just the opposite, and we have a lot to learn from the picture Dr. Willson’s book paints for us of life in poverty in Salvador. We get to know some extremely empowered and inspiring women through this book who are doing great things to bring other women up in this world. So check it out and then let me know what you think!

While you wait for your book to come in, go visit their website at www.bahiastreet.org and see all the things they are up to. It’s pretty incredible stuff…

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