Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And Then There’s Maude

(originally posted 08/08 at wordpress)

by Kelsey Mason

Maude is a television show staring Beatrice Arthur that aired on CBS from September 12, 1972 to April 22, 1978. The show was a spin off of All in the Family.

Beatrice Arthur plays Maude, an outspoken liberal, who considers herself a feminist. Maude is in her early fifties, but has the spunk of a twenty-two year old. She is a modern day New Yorker, who refuses to back down when something appears unjust. Maude spends her days advocating for civil rights, such as gender and racial equality. This strong, assertive woman stands on behalf of women’s liberation and abortion rights.

As a mother, wife, and grandmother her personality is often overbearing and domineering. Maude never backs down from her beliefs without a fight. Maude’s current husband, Walter Findlay, often tells Maude, “You never know when to quit!” From the beginning of season one, Maude refuses to be known as Miss Walter Findlay.

In college, peers said Maude would be the first woman president. Currently, she is a stay at home wife, with a housekeeper. This brings up issues surrounding money and the true worth of a woman’s unpaid work. Issues surrounding suicide, sex, divorce, pregnancy, abuse, abortion, drugs, alcohol, and menopause are all discussed.

Season one can be found at most video rental locations. I found a copy at the P.S.U. library. There has also been talk of having a viewing at the Women’s Resource Center. If anyone has seen an episode of Maude, I would love to hear from them.

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