Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Feminist Perspectives in Pop Culture" lecture series DAMALI AYO

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The first lecture is in


just 15 days!




damali ayo is an author, speaker, designer, artist, performer, and catalyst for change.

A true renaissance woman and creative visionary, damali ayo has spent a lifetime designing creative outlets for dialogue about societal issues.

As a visual and performing artist, damali's work pushes her audiences to viscerally engage such issues as gender relations, sexual assault, racial perceptions, race relations, citizenship, and love.

damali ayo became internationally known with her website rent-a-negro.com which examines the intersection of race relations and commerce. The success of the web site was followed by her best-selling book How to Rent a Negro which uses satire and biting wit to explore the strained race relations between people in our society. The book has been optioned by Coalition Films and will be made into a movie with a major Hollywood partner in the near future.

Her guide of Ten Practical Solutions to solving racism on a one-to-one level titled I Can Fix It has been used in communities across the United States and the world.

Her next wide-scale project brought together seventy people in twenty-one states and three countries came together on October 10, 2007 to re-create damali's street performance Living Flag: Panhandling for Reparations. The day, National Day of Panhandling for Reparations was a dynamic experience for all involved- the performers and those with whom they interacted. The second annual performance is gearing up now!

Most recently, damali has taken her passion for creative social change to create CROW Clothing. This truly twenty-first century business model offers customers eco-friendly clothing at a sliding-scale price. It also offers a holistic approach to commerce with a social network, and resources for visitors to learn about health, wellness, environmental issues and how to create social change. "She sees a strong link between racial justice and the environment." - Redbook Magazine

In addition, damali has incorporated the lessons learned from her own struggle conquering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and reclaiming wellness into her many ways of helping people and catalyzing change. She is currently studying for her personal training certification as well as her yoga teacher certification.


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Stacy said...

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