Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics 2012: Year of the Woman

By: Katie Moon

It's about time right? The ever classic argument of whether or not women's sports are on the same level as men is both exhausting and annoying. Individual women athletes in the past have been recognized for their greatness, but women sports in general do not have the same respect that men's sports do. So perhaps with the opening of the Olympics today women really can show the world what they are made of this year?!

However, just as quickly as I get excited about what women are doing in the arena of sport, I am quickly discouraged by efforts of people who diminish women athletes immediately by sexist and or racist comments like those made of the Williams sisters in tennis on Twitter.

Take a look at the blog Womanist Musings to see what this author had to say about the different comments made about two incredible women athletes.

This seems like the perfect time to get behind these women in their fight for the gold medal in London! I wish the best of luck to the Williams Sisters, and to the other women athletes competing in the Olympics, may you play your heart out, compete to the best of your ability and have no regrets. Women: This is your year, 2012, London!

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