Friday, July 27, 2012

Just a Few Recent Reproductive Justice Issues Worth Noting

By Shilpa Esther Trivedi
Reproductive Justice Action Team Chair

A roundtable report by the Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Education Center found that thousands of Native American women do not have access to emergency contraception. These same women face a higher prevalence of sexual assault.  They also encounter far more barriers to receiving comprehensive health care and “due process” following an assault. The report, (which can be found here: ), includes the voices and perspectives of many Native women. 

In 2010, a pregnant woman in Indiana attempted suicide after her boyfriend abandoned her.  While she survived, her newborn died shortly after birth.  She has been charged with both murder and feticide. Recently, she turned down a plea deal which carried a sentence of 20 years. She is the first woman in Indiana to ever be charged with murder of her own unborn child. You can find out more about her story, which has been moving through the Indiana court system for the past couple of years and setting a dangerous precedent for other women here:

In April, the National Center for Transgender Equality published a list of recommendations for improving transgender sexual and reproductive health care. Among the many things I learned while researching this guide was that, “One in three transgender people, and 48% of transgender men, have delayed or avoided preventive health care such as pelvic exams or STI screening out of fear of discrimination or disrespect.” (read more here:

Lastly, this video, about a couple whose wanted pregnancy was impacted by Arizona’s 20-week ban, brought me to tears this week

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